Daniel Hoffer

     Daniel M. Hoffer of D.M.Hoffer Consulting has been working with the Internet and related technologies for fifteen years. He has been a guest lecturer on technology at MacWorld Expo, the largest Macintosh convention in the world, at the Boston University Graduate School of Management, and at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. A graduate of Harvard College, he was featured on the cover of Inc. Magazine in January, 2000 while he was the Chief Technology Officer of Fuxito Worldwide, an international soccer portal. In addition to technical roles, he has worked as a management consultant to Fortune 500 companies, as a member of the corporate strategy team at a Global 100 company, and in strategic marketing at a Fortune 500 enterprise software company. Daniel Hoffer currently serves on the Advisory Boards of two enterprise software companies and on the Board of Directors of three non-profits.

Staff Members

     Rick Morris: Director, Business Development
     Erez Ascher: Database/Middleware
     Casey Fenton: Database/Middleware, Design
     Seb Letuan: User Interface Designer
     Suzie Roth: Web/Graphic Designer

Additional programming resources are available via our close working relationships with a systems integrator in New York and a software development firm in India.