Why choose us?

     In today's competitive business climate, implementing the right technology can make the difference between profitability and disaster. How do you choose the right firm to design a solution for your needs? At D.M.Hoffer Consulting, we believe that two factors are pivotal: the quality of the firm's work, and the caliber of its personnel.

Our Work

     At D.M.Hoffer Consulting, we believe that the successful execution of a project depends on a multitude of factors working in perfect harmony. Since our most important priority is customer delight- not merely customer satisfaction- we work hard to make sure that every project is carefully planned in advance, and supervised throughout its execution.

     Our initial phase consists of accurately assessing the needs of the client. Since some clients may not be fully up to date on the present state of technology, it is our job not only to evaluate the feasibility of the specific project the client has in mind, but also to recommend possible alternative approaches, solutions, or technologies that may enhance the impact of the final product. After the optimal approach is agreed upon, a cost estimate is prepared. In order to protect the client financially, we guarantee that the cost of the finished project will never be more than 20% above the cost quoted in the formal written estimate.

     When the actual work on the project begins, one or more members of the D.M.Hoffer Consulting staff is assigned by the President, Daniel Hoffer, to handle the project. With a staff of roughly half a dozen employees in addition to a number of specialists available for more unusual assignments, the company is simultaneously small enough that the President can personally supervise every single project and serve as the primary liaison to the client (if desired) but large enough that our combined staff can excel at a very wide range of skills and technologies. With the President overseeing every project, none is ever delegated to an employee too inexperienced to handle it and each one is guaranteed to get the experienced attention that it deserves. When special or unique sets of skills are required to complete a project, or when projects must be finished especially quickly, D.M.Hoffer Consulting can enlist the aid of our extra "on-call" staff to accomplish whatever is needed.

     At D.M.Hoffer Consulting, our constant emphasis on communication requires us to maintain frequent, regular contact with the client, submitting our work for periodic review and approval at predefined intervals. This allows the client to monitor our progress at every step along the way, and allows our staff to incorporate the client's feedback throughout the process.

     We believe that our commitment to engendering positive synergy with the client as well as our ability to leverage the skills of our unique and talented staff virtually guarantees results that will delight even our most demanding clients.

Our Staff

     At D.M.Hoffer Consulting, we believe that the quality of the work we do is directly related to the quality of the people we hire. As a result, D.M.Hoffer Consulting is constantly dedicating time, energy and resources to finding and recruiting the most qualified personnel available. Our employees come from all sorts of backgrounds, but they share several important characteristics: they are intelligent, ambitious, passionate about their work, and committed to delivering perfection.

     We select our employees based on a number of criteria. First, we examine their past performance in both their professional and academic life. As of spring, 1998, five of our seven dedicated staff members had a Harvard University education. Professionally, our staff brings experience from working at companies all over the country- including a number of Fortune 500 corporations- to bear on their projects for D.M.Hoffer Consulting. During our interviewing process, we come to know our prospective employees very well through a thorough examination of either their design portfolios or their software development project archives. Additionally, we carefully evaluate their interpersonal skills to determine how comfortably and professionally they will be able to relate to clients.

     Performance of the highest caliber follows naturally from our commitment to choosing the most qualified and the most dedicated personnel. We are confident that our clients will be delighted not only with our employees but with the professional results that they produce.