Digital Casting

     When Digital Casting first approached us, they had a business plan for an on-line casting company but no technology partner to implement their ideas. The company they envisioned would put actors on-line through a searchable database accessible only to movie producers. The web site would offer a lightning-fast search, bullet-proof security, and an easy to use remote data entry system. The Digital Casting office also needed to be supplied with professional-quality equipment for scanning headshots and recording both audio and video for streaming over the Internet. In addition, it all needed to be easy enough to use that interns and computer novices could handle every step necessary to scan, record, and input actor information into the database. D.M.Hoffer Consulting tackled the project, purchasing a server exclusively for their business, and setting up the technology and system infrastructure as well as the on-line front-end appropriate to their industry.

Jewish Web Week

     An international event advertised in the New York Times and in other major trans-continental publications, the Jewish Web Week was a week in February, 1998 in which sponsors and organizers intended to bring 613,000 Jews from around the world onto the Internet and to the Jewish Web Week web site. A key feature of the site was to be a powerful search engine dedicated solely to indexing and making searchable hundreds of Jewish web sites. D.M.Hoffer Consulting designed and implemented this “Jewish Yahoo” on the organization’s existing Sun UNIX server, creating a fast, customizable and powerful search engine with potential uses extending far beyond this unique event.

A partial listing of our current and past clients includes:

     • AT&T
     • R.B.Webber and Company
     • Association for Strategic Planning
     • Realize-Health
     • Production Equipment Rental Association
     • Jewish Family and Life Magazine
     • Ehmke Movers (Allied Van Lines)
     • Shamash Internet Consortium
     • Association of Jewish Family and Children's Agencies
     • Digital Casting
     • ZoneZero
     • NextStep Technologies
     • Partners for Empowering Neighborhoods
     • Jewish Web Week
     • Highwood Partners